Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.): Focus on Parapsychology

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.): Focus on Parapsychology

The doctor of psychology ( Psy.D.) in Parapsychology program at Eisner Institute for Professional Studies examines anomalous phenomenon including remote viewing, esp/precognition, psychokinesis, ghosts, life after life/postmortem survival. Courses include essential topics that relate to the practice of psychotherapy and counseling. 

The program focuses on methodical issues in each of the areas of the paranormal. Students will assess the validity and veracity of the studies and demonstrations There is an exploration of experimental design flaws and fraud. Recent psychological and scientific research especially in the areas of neurology and the mind lends support to the Buddha’s original conceptualizations. This program will allow students to investigate paranormal activities as a teacher, consultant, or in private practice.

Online Psy.D. Parasychology 

One major advantage at EIPS is that we do not require a thesis or dissertation. On the other hand, we require a Capstone which is either a position paper or a research proposal. The Capstone is written in a professional style following APA guidelines. The classes are small in number which allows more effective communication and learning. The Psy.D. is a two-year program. EIPS uses an asynchronous format which allows for great flexibility in terms of time and convenience. EIPS is 100% online with no residency requirement.

The Psy.D. in Parapsychology program includes the following courses:

Professional Writing
Life After Life/Postmortem Survival
Advanced Psychopathology
Survey of Psychotherapy
Applied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Remote Viewing
Spirituality and Mental Health
Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mind, Brain, and Consciousness
Intuitive Counseling
Ghosts and other entities
Legal and Ethical Issues*
ESP ad Precognition
Final Project Development
Final Capstone Project