Forensic Psychology Courses Online

Forensic Psychology Courses Online

Requirements – Bachelor’s degree

The Forensic Psychology Certificate will allow to students to gain experience in the interface with the legal arena, and law enforcement community . There are a variety of career opportunities in forensic psychology. This is an expanding field that may involve consulting, teaching, and expert witness testimony.

The basic requirements are an undergraduate degree. This is a Graduate Certificate, so the courses may be applied to the Masters or Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) programs.

Eisner Institute for Professional Studies (EIPS) offers a variety of online psychology programs. EIPS is approved by the California Bureau of Private Post secondary Education
We offer graduate degrees in psychology, as well as certificate programs.

EIPS offers Forensic Psychology courses online that lead to a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree.

There are several specialized forensic psychology courses online including: Expert Witness testimony, and Psychology of Criminal Behavior.

There are a myriad of career opportunities in the forensic psychology arena including teaching, research, trial and jury consulting, law enforcement consultation and mediation services.

A major advantage at EIPS is that we do not require a Thesis or Dissertation. On the other hand we require a Capstone which is either a position paper or a research proposal.
The forensic online psychology programs are two years.

EIPS uses an asynchronous format which allows for great flexibility in terms of time and convenience. All forensic psychology courses are taken online. There is no residency requirement.
The program is comprised of the following courses:

  • Psy 702, Advanced Forensic Psychology (5 units)
  • Psy 703, Legal Writing and Research (5 units)
  • Psy 706, Legal and Ethical Issues (5 units)
  • Psy 707, Family Law (5 units)
  • Psy 708, Current Case Law (5 units)
  • Psy 714, Expert Witness testimony (5 units)

In order to obtain credit for each course, a minimum grade of “B” (3.0) is required. Each course is 11 weeks. A total of six courses (30 units) is required. Generally two courses (eleven weeks) are taken each quarter.

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