Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Focus on Spiritual Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Focus on Spiritual Psychology

Online Doctor of Psychology Spiritual Therapy

The spiritual psychology doctoral program at Eisner Institute for Spiritual Studies delves into the nature of consciousness and who we are. Spiritual psychology can range from the transpersonal, intuitive to the paranormal. The program promotes the integration of spiritual approaches with various psychotherapeutic modalities.

Ph.D. Spiritual Psychology 

The student will encounter and learn elements of the mind/ body connection. Spiritual psychology is an expansive area and intersects with a variety of disciplines. The main focus is in the psychology arena. The spiritual/mental health approaches that are covered can be integrated into the private practice of psychology, counseling wellness coaching, and consulting.

One major advantage at EISS is that we do not require a thesis or dissertation. On the other hand, we require a Capstone which is either a position paper or a research proposal. The Capstone is written in a professional style following APA guidelines. The classes are small in number which allows more effective communication and learning. The Ph.D. is a two-year program. EISS uses an asynchronous format which allows for great flexibility in terms of time and convenience. EISS is 100% online with no residency requirement.

Online Doctor of Philosophy Spiritual Psychology Courses:

Professional Writing
Buddhist Pathway
Advanced Psychopathology
Survey of Psychotherapy
Applied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Wellness Coaching
Spirituality and Mental Health
Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mind, Brain, and Consciousness
Intuitive Counseling
Spirituality and the Paranormal
Legal and Ethical Issues
Transcendence and Self Actualization
Final Project Development
Final Capstone Project