Holistic Psychology Online Degree

Holistic Psychology Online Degree

Holistic Psychology is a specialization in psychology that deals with the total person from a wide spectrum of viewpoints. Holistic psychology, like clinical psychology, deals with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the individual. This specialization is well suited for the clinician and mental health specialist who wants to expand their knowledge base as well as their clinical practice.

 In addition to the core courses, the Psy.D. in Holistic Psychology includes the following courses:

  • Psychological Testing- Intellectual and Neuropsychological Functioning
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Mind, Body and Consciousness
  • Energy Psychology
  • Meditation, Hypnosis and Visualization
  • Spirituality and Mental Health
  • Psychopharmacology

Careers in Holistic Psychology:

  • Teaching at a University Level
  • Research
  • Industrial and Business Consultation
  • Personal and Life Coaching
  • Administrative/Clinician at Mental Health Facility
  • Seminars and Workshops on Health Optimization

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