Research Instructions for EIPS

Research Instructions for EIPS

Let’s talk about research? What is it?

We conduct research in our everyday lives. When we have to buy a car, we start by visiting dealership or checking online, all the different brands available, and then we pick the brands we like and go through all the models. Once we are decided on models, we compare them using all the information available and then we conclude and buy a car. This is true for any research.

First you start with deciding on a topic. The topic can be provided by the instructor or you have to decide for yourself depending on your interests and the subject on which you plan to research.

How to research?

  1. Select a topic and find background information – First think of a topic of a project you want to research on and write down multiple questions regarding the topic. Try to look up information for at least 4 topics and figure which question leads to multiple sources of information.
  2. Narrow your topic and devise a research question – Write down the topic and prepare a question for your research.
  3. Brainstorm keywords that you can use to find information.
  4. Develop your search strategy (ie what exactly, you will type in when you search for sources on your topic) and where will you start your search from?

So let’s find the places and site we can do credible research.

  • Our first stop should be Library to look up all the research material available for your topic.
  • Second step will be to look up EBSCOHOST. Log in with a student password and Psychology and Behavioral Science collection will open. Look up peer reviewed journals, full text articles and other material. Check out all the hits or pick a specific journal and do the research.
  • Our third stop should be other relevant database available on open source websites. These open source websites are listed on the library page and are run by prestigious Universities and they contain some great articles, books and course specific notes for students.
  • Next, go to free E textbook library page. Look up books that have keywords from your research topics. Look them up. Also look up some popular blogs. You cannot cite blogs but reading them allows you to have a better perspective of your topic.


APA style writing/ Copyright and Plagiarism

What is APA style writing?

APA style is the writing rules provided by American Psychological Association, that offer sound guidance for writing with simplicity, power, and concision. An Undergraduate and Graduate level students are expected to be able to provide this kind of writing.

We have three copies of APA 6th edition books available in the library for learning to write APA style or you can visit Purdue OWL to write APA style. When you write research paper we have to provide the base for your ideas by citing some work already done in that area and then you build on that idea to add your thoughts and conclusion. This avoids Plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

When we quote verbatim someone else’s idea and claim it as our own. If you want to quote someone else’s idea, cite it, meaning give the credit to the person who originally came with the idea. There is a specific style for citing author/ books name according to APA style. Think your research work as a document you have to prepare for your company. If you cannot provide original idea then your job goes to the person who can provide it. If you practice that in classrooms, by end of the course you get a hang of it.

Do you have questions?

Call or email your librarian