There are many reasons I chose Eisner Institute for Professional Studies for my degree program, but I think the most important reason was the ease of asynchronous learning. As a full-time professional, many programs required going to class at night or being at a computer at a specific time of day in order to interact with the class. Having the ability to attend to school work when it fit my schedule was unbelievably helpful. I travel frequently, and bringing my work with me was very easy.

I was a little nervous about online learning at first, because the first online school that I tried (one of the larger, for-profit institutions) had us doing quite a bit of work that seemed to me to be unhelpful in the learning process.

The method of interacting with different class members and with the instructor each week made a huge difference to me. Instructors were always there to answer questions and to make relevant observations of my work and others’ work to help us in the learning process. Homework was targeted to helping us digest and understand what we were reading, rather than the usual method of regurgitating answers on a test.

I highly recommend Eisner Institute for Professional Studies to anyone who is thinking about furthering their education without the hassles of campus life. I feel like I know more about my classmates, and have interacted more with both classmates and instructors than I did in my first four years of college.

Debra Skinner, M.A. (2012)











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